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2 Mausoleums In Syria`s Palmyra Been Blown Up By The ISIS

According to a Syrian official, two shrines in the historic central town of Palmyra had been destroyed by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The Associated Press was been informed by the head of the Antiquities and Museum Department in Damascus, Maamoun Abdulkarim that one of the tomb which had been destroyed belongs to Mohammad Bin Ali, a descendant of Islam`s Prophet Muhammad`s cousin Imam Ali. On Wednesday he said that the tomb was in just north of Palmyra.

He added that the second tomb was of a Sufi scholar who is known as Nizar Abu Bahaa Eddine, who was in the town 500 years ago. The tomb is located near the town`s most famed archaeological site.

Since last month, when Palmyra was been captured by the ISIS, there had been fears that the insurgents would blow up the archaeological sites as they have in Iraq.

In the photo which had been released on June 22, two ISIS militants can be seen standing on the wreckage of one of the destroyed shrines in Palmyra.

Christopher Jones, a Near East scholar, wrote in Hyperallergic this week,

“Among the most tragic losses of the many antiquities destroyed in Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been the destruction of Iraq`s seriously understudied medieval architecture.”

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