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6 Civilians Lost Their Lives In A Kabul Bomb Attack On Nato Convoy

According to the reporters, at least six civilians had lost their lives and 19 others had been seriously injured when a Taliban suicide bomber drove his car and targeted a Nato troop convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The bomb blast took place close to the US embassy and the diplomatic quarter on the main road to the airport.

As per the spokesman for the alliance said that not a single troop of Nato had been hurt.

As said by the Chief of Kabul hospitals for the Ministry of Public Health, Kabir Amiri, at least 19 people had been injured including four children and three women.

According to the witnesses, the attacked took place at the time of early afternoon prayers, and those people who rushed out of the nearby mosque started attacking the foreign soldiers and journalists by throwing stones at them.

Two heavily armed vehicles in the convoy had been destroyed in this blast.

One of the witnesses said, “I saw a Toyota Corolla target the convoy of foreign forces, I saw two to three damaged vehicles and wounded victims everywhere and there was no one to help them.”

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