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7 Arrested In Tunisia`s Beach Resort Attack

According to the Tunisian authorities, seven alleged accomplices of the gunman who had attacked on the Tunisian beach resort on Monday had been detained by the police. In this attack 38 people had lost their lives at a beach resort.

It had been confirmed by the British officials, that those who were dead were mostly British. It had been said by the Prime Minister David Cameron that at this time his country should be intolerant and intolerance and should crack down on the ideas that fuel Islamic State group inspired terrorism.

In the office of Cameron`s, it had been said that the dead of 18 Britons had been confirmed and the death toll is expected to rise to around 30.

According to a person who is close to the investigation, he told the Associated Press that seven people had been detained in at least three different cities, and they are been interrogated in the capital on Monday.

Since July 2005 London transit bombings, in which at least 52 commuters had lost their lives, this attack on Friday in the resort of Sousse is said to be the deadliest for Britain, and Tunisia`s bloodiest ever.

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