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At Least 37 People Lost Their Lives in the Terrorist Attack At Tunisia Beach Resort

According to the North African country`s health ministry, at least 37 people had lost their lives when a gunman had attacked a tourist hotel on the popular Tunisian beach front resort of Sousse. The dead includes British, German and Belgian tourists.

As per the Health Ministry, dozens of people had been injured in this attack.

One of the attackers had been put to death by the Tunisian security forces and the other one had fled the scene, said the Associated Press quotes Interior Minister Spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui.

Little not less than three months, this attack is said to be the second major terrorist attack on the Tunisian tourist industry.

The responsibility for this attack had not been claimed by any of the group in the hours after the attack.

As said by the British holiday maker who was staying in the hotel which was close to where the incident took place,

“There`s a lot of people walking up and down, taking in this lovely weather, so it`s a very busy beach, but as I said it became apparent very quick that it was something more than fire crackers when you could hear bullets whizzing around.”

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