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Civilian Women Been Beheaded By The Islamic State For The First Time – For `Sorcery`

According to the reporters, two women along with their husbands were been beheaded by the Islamic State extremists group on Sunday in the eastern Syria, based on alleged sorcery and witchcraft.

As said by the Head of the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdulrahman on Tuesday, the first couple had been beheaded in Deir al Zour by a swordsman and the other couple had been beheaded on Monday in the city of al Mayadin.

He also said that this is the first time that the Observatory has documented the killing if the women by the group in this manner.

Before this, many women had been put to death by the group. Reportedly some Yazidi women were burned alive and some had been stoned to death. Kayla Mueller, an American hostage had also been killed by the group, though it had not been clear up till now how she died, but she did not seem to have been beheaded.

As per the Observatory, 3,000 people had been executed by the Islamic State in Syria, including 1,800 residents and 74 children.

Beheadings is said to have become a trademark of the group`s propaganda.

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