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2 Policemen Lost Their Lives and Six Injured In Bahrain Bomb Attack

According to the authorities, at least twp Bahraini policemen had lost their lives in a bomb attack which took place in the south of island kingdom`s capital on Tuesday. Also six others had been injured in this bomb attack.

In the recent years, this bombing is said to be the latest in a series of bomb attacks which had targeted the security forces in the Gulf nation which had continued to face low level unrest not less than four years after the widespread protests demanding greater political rights.

As per the interior Ministry, it had described the bombing as terror blast and he also added that the blast occurred in the large Shiite community of Sitra, which is just south of the capital, Manama. He also said that one of the officers who had been injured is in very critical condition.

Following the explosion, the routes leading to the island had been blocked by the Bahraini police, as per the witnesses.

As reported by the BNA state news agency, “The explosives used in the terrorist incident are of the same quality of explosives seized recently while being smuggled from Iran.”

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