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24 Islamic State Militants Sentenced To Death by Iraq for Killing Soldiers

According to a spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council said, 24 suspected members of Islamic State terror group had been sentenced to death by the Baghdad court on Wednesday for their role in killing of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers at the time of the extremists` blitz across the country last year.

At least 1700 Iraqi soldiers had been put to death by the Islamic State militants who had seized the troops after Islamic State had overran Saddam Hussein`s home town in Tikrit in June 2014.

Meanwhile, the soldiers tried to flee away from Camp Speicher, a nearby army base.

The responsibility for the execution of hundreds of recruits and soldiers captured last year outside the Camp Speicher, a fortified Iraqi base near Tikrit had been claimed by the Islamic State.

The suspected Islamist militants had been brought in to the court room blind folded, handcuffed and chained by their feet.

According to the Amnesty International said in a statement to AFP, “We are still looking at the full details of the case, but the Speicher trial bears the hallmark of unfair trials that have seen thousands of those accused of terrorism in Iraq sentenced to long prison terms or to death.”

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