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71 Children and Women Been Rescued By the Nigerian Soldiers from Boko Haram

According to the reporters, the operations had been conducted on Kashinegri, Wale and Kushingari Boko Haram terrorists` camp in Borno on Thursday, by the troops of 151 Task Force Battalion.

As said by the Nigeria`s military, at least 71 girls and women had been rescued by the soldiers in the fire fights in which many Boko Haram militants had lost their lives in the country`s north east.

As per the some of the captives, they had been held by the insurgents for not less than a year.

According to one of the young woman, Yagana Kyari, she had been waiting for the death, as the victims had been constantly threatened to be killed by the juhadists.

As said by an army spokesman, Colonel I.T. Gusau, on Wednesday, 12 people had been rescued and 59 had been rescued on Thursday from the villages.

He also said, “During the raids, quite a number of the terrorists had been killed, a Landover and a tipper had been recovered.”

According to the Nigerian military, in March, it had freed hundreds and many of the cities which were been held by the Boko Haram in the north eastern part of the country had been seized by them.

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