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At Least 25 Al Nusra Fighters Lost Their Lives in a Bomb Blast in Syria

According to the monitor group reported on Saturday, at least 31 rebels had lost their lives in an explosion at a rebel`s meeting in Syria`s north western province of Idlib.

As per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the blast took place in the Salem Mosque which is situated in the northern town of Ariha in the southern countryside of Idlib on Friday, when the rebels of the Al Qaida linked Nusra Front and an allied jihadi group had gathered to break their fast at the time of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

According to the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 31 Nusra Front members were put to death including five commanders. Also not less than 30 others had been injured in this attack.

The responsibility for this blast had not been immediately claimed by any of the group, but rival Daesh extremists, who had fought al Nusra militants on the various fronts in Syria, had been blamed by the supporters of al Nusra Front for this attack.

The city of Idlib had been captured by the Nusra Front and like-minded groups on March 28 and had followed their violence with other offensives that had given them control of much of the province`s countryside near Turkey.

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