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At Least 25 People Put To Death by a Suicide Bomber on Motorcycle near The Afghan Market

According to the reporters, not less than 25 people had lost their lives in a suicide bomb attack. Also 38 others had been wounded in this attack. The attack took place in the northern Faryab province of Afghanistan, as per the officials.

According to Dr. Naqibullah Fayeq, who is a prominent member of the parliament, the blast occurred in the main market of Alamar district.

As said by the politician, suicide bomber used a motorcycle and blew his explosives up in the centre of the market and dozens of civilians had been injured.

Among the dead were women and children and also one Afghan army soldier.

As per the chief of Alamar district, Saleh Mohammad Saleh, some of the injured had been in a very critical condition and they had been taken to the provincial capital Maimanah.

As reported by the Al Jazeera`s Jennifer Glasse from Kabul, the Afghan capital, “The apparent target of this suicide attack was the Afghan security forces, but we understand the hospital is full of injured civilians.”

The responsibility for this attack had not been claimed by any of the group.

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