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At Least 53 Egyptian Soldiers Lost Their Lives In ISIS Attack On Egyptian Army`s Sinai Checkpoints

According to the military and security officials, not less than 53 soldiers had lost their lives when the Islamic extremists unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks on Wednesday, which also includes suicide car bombings, on Egyptian army checkpoints in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula.

The attacks in morning in Sinai took place after a day when Egypt`s president pledge to step up the fight against Islamic militants and two days after the country`s state prosecutor was assassinated in the capital, Cairo.

The responsibilities for these attacks had been claimed by the Islamic State affiliate in Egypt, saying that its fighters targeted a total of 15 army and police positions and had staged three suicide bombings, among which two of them targeted checkpoints and one that hit an officers` club in the nearby city of el Arish.

Except for the attack at the officers club they also targeted at least six military checkpoints and they also took soldiers captive and had captured weapons and many armed vehicles.

Also not less than 55 soldiers had been wounded in these attacks, as per the officials said on Wednesday.

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