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Somalia Says, At Least 12 Shabaab Militants Put To Death in Hotel Raids

According to the Somalia`s government said on Saturday, not less than 18 people had lost their lives and also dozens had been wounded in the two deadly attacks by the gunmen from the extremist group al Shabaab on the hotels in Mogadishu.

The attacks had been confirmed by the police officers.

At the time when the people had been sitting down to break their fast of Ramadan on Friday evening, the gunmen entered Wehelie and Siyad hotels with AK-47 rifles and explosive devices.

As per the Somali government officials, the attacks had been launched by the 12 gunmen on both the hotels and they were later been put to death in a fire fight with the security forces. The seige at the hotel lasted for not less than five hours.

According to the officials, not less than 50 people had been rescued which includes ministers and members of the Federal Parliament.

The hotels are said to be popular with the government officials and it had been crowded with the people who were getting ready to break their fast of Ramadan at the time of attacks.

The responsibility for the attack had been quickly claimed by the Al Qaeda linked militant group.

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