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US Backed Rebels in Northern Syria Been Abducted By the Al Qaida

According to the rebel group and the opposition activists said on Thursday, a leader of a US backed rebel group and many of his men had been abducted by the Al Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front, in the northern Syria.

In the name of the group, a statement had been issued, head of Division 30 rebel faction, accused the Nusra Front of kidnapping Colonel Nadim al Hassan and many other members of the group. They had been meeting in the vicinity of Azaz, near the Turkish border. To avoid the bloodshed between Muslims, it had called for their release immediately.

The gunman came in the pickup trucks and kidnapped Hasan, and his several companions. It had not yet been cleared that, how many of other seized men seized also were involved in the US government`s $500 million “train and equip” effort. Some accounts said that the men had been abducted during the lunch, whereas, it had been claimed by others that they it happened after the meeting on the road.

According to a Turkmen commander of the Sultan Murad Brigade rebel faction, Yusuf Salih, “The total number of kidnapped is 23 and about 18 are from T&E group.”

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