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10 Villages Taken By Kurdish Forces from Islamic State in Northern Iraq

According to the Kurdish military sources told Reuters, Islamic State militants were driven away from ten villages in Kirkuk province by the Kurdish forces in northern Iraq on Wednesday, along the support of US led air strikes.

The attack took place early morning in the Daquq area which is 175 kilometers north of Baghdad. At the end of the evening, the area of 250 square kilometers in the region was under the control of Kurdish forces.

As per the top Kurdish commander told Reuters that not less than five Kurdish fighters had lost their lives in this assault and most of them died due to brainstorm explosives.

The battle ground between Daesh and Kurdish peshmerga in northern Iraq had hardly persuaded for months.

Most of the territory which is claimed by the Kurds as their own is already in control of the Kurds.

According to Brigadier General Aras Abdel Rahman said using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, “This area (near Daquq) posed a danger to the main road from Kirkuk to Baghdad and the Kurdish and other villages adjacent to the areas occupied by Daesh.”

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