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A Suspect Detained By Police in Bangkok Bombing

According to the authorities said on Saturday, Thai police had detained a suspect in a bombing in which not less than 20 people had lost their lives and many others had been injured at a shrine in Bangkok this month.

As said by a police spokesman Lt. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri, the man had also been suspected in involving in second blast which took place a day later in Bangkok.

Thai police said that the suspect is not cooperating with police and is not telling the truth to the interrogators. They added that the suspect would remain in the military custody for not less than seven days.

According to the reporters, an unidentified foreigner was been detained by police on Saturday at an apartment on the edges of Bangkok. The police also captured the bomb making equipment and passports which were fake.

As said by Thavornsiri, not less than 200 passports were been seized by the police in the man`s apartment, in which most of them were empty, and the police were exploring the theory that he was part of a network that provided fake passports to the migrants. He added that the passports were from one country, but didn`t reveal which one.

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