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At Least 36 Yemini Civilians Lost Their Lives in an Air Strike by Saudi Led Coalition

According to the residents, an airstrike was launched by Saudi led coalition on Sunday in which not less than 36 civilians were put to death. The civilians were working at a bottling plant which is located in the northern Yemini province of Hajjah.

Also another raid took place on the capital Sanaa, as per the residents, at least four civilians had lost their lives, as their houses were been hit by a bomb near a military base in the south of the city.

These attacks were said to be the latest in an air campaign which started in March an alliance made up mainly of Gulf Arab of the exiled government in its fight against Houthi forces allied to Iran.

From the site in Hajjah, resident Issa Ahmed told Reuters by phone, “The process of recovering the bodies is finished now. The corpses of 36 workers, many of them burnt or in pieces, were pulled out after an air strike hit the plant this morning.”

According to the Human Rights Watch, at least 65 civilians were put to death in a similar air strike at the residences of employees of a power plant in Mokha.

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