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Gaza Strip Been Attacked By Israeli Jets

According to the reporters, airstrikes were been conducted by the Israeli fighter jets against an area in the besieged Gaza Strip. The responsibility for the strikes had been claimed by the Israeli military and ‘said that a rocket was launched from the Palestinian enclave toward Israel.

There were no comments by the Palestinian officials on the Israeli claim and the air strikes, up till now.

No casualties and damage had been immediately reported from the air strikes.

It had been claimed by the Israeli army that the raid came in to action after a few hours when a rocket which was launched from the Palestinian coastal silver strike an open field in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel. As per the reports, no destruction and casualties had been reported from the alleged Palestinian rocket fire.

According to the website of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Israel had been struck by 11 rockets from the Gaza Strip except the one launched on Thursday, since the Egyptian brokered ceasefire that halted the Gaza war.

A Hamas training camp was been attacked by the Israeli planes, three weeks ago after the southern Israel was been hit by a rocket. In this attack four security men were injured. The attack was claimed by small Salafi group.

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