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Militia Been Targeted By Suicide Bombing In Northern Afghanistan

According to the Afghan officials said on Sunday, not less than 29 people had lost their lives and also 19 others had been injured when a suicide bombing targeted a militia in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz.

The attack took place day after a wave of bombings had shaken the Afghan capital, in which not less than 65 people had lost their lives and hundreds other had been injured.

As per the authorities, a meeting of criminal groups in the Khanabad district of Kunduz province had been targeted by the suicide bomber late on Saturday.

It had been stated by the Afghan Interior Ministry that all those who were been put to death were the civilians, but it had been confirmed by the local officials that the attack had specifically targeted anti Taliban militiamen.

Later among the dead twenty five of them were identified as members of the armed group, which included four leaders, whereas remaining four were said to be as civilians.

The responsibility for the deadly attack had been claimed by the Taliban.

As per the U.N. mission Chief Nicholas Haysom said in a statement, “Those responsible for suicide and complex attacks in civilian populated areas can no longer shrug off the disproportionate harm to the civilian population they cause.”

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