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Part of Famous Palmyra Temple Destroyed By Islamic State

According to the activists and witnesses, a part of another temple at the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra had been destructed by the extremists group of Islamic State.

The stretch of destruction to the temple of Bel has not been clear, but a huge explosion had been described by the residents who were shocked by the explosion.

The temple of Bel is not less than 2,000 years old. The report of destruction of temple came a week after Islamic State had blown up another temple at the ancient city.

Creating fears for the site, in May, the militants had taken control of Palmyra.

According to the Syria`s antiquities chief told CNN, on Monday, that it was being confirmed by the officials who were working the reports with sources in the city.

As per Maamouon Abdulakarim, the temple of Bel is believed to be the most important temple in Syria and also one of the most important in the whole Middle East.

He added that, “We are waiting for the details on the truth of what occurred, the exact location inside the temple, and the size of the destruction.”

The destruction of temple had been confirmed by the Satellite images of Roman era temple.

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