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10 People Lost Their Lives in Air Strike on Sanaa as Fighting Began In Central Yemen

According to the reporters, not less than ten people had lost their lives in a Saudi led coalition air strike which took place on a suburb in the capital Sanaa on Monday, as said by the medical sources and residents.

A government building located in the Walaari area in the south of Sanaa was been targeted by the strike, as per the sources. Among the dead, seven of them belonged to the same family.

Concern was been expressed by the International human rights groups for the number of civilians who had lost their lives in the raids.

In late March, air strikes launched by the Saudi coalition against the Houthis and their allies, forces loyal to the former president Al I Abdullah Saleh, after they pushed from their northern stronghold towards the southern port of Aden.

On Sunday, five soldiers had lost their lives near the border with Yemen, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency, while a Saudi led military coalition launched an offensive to drive Houthi militia forces out of Marib.

As said in a statement, five Saudis were put to death in the southern Najran province.

As per the United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM said on Sunday that one Emirati serviceman was put to death in the ground offensive in Marib.

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