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Afghan City of Kunduz Been Attack by Taliban, Free Inmates

According to the reporters, not less than 500 prison inmates had been freed by the Taliban insurgents flooded the streets of the Afghan provincial capital of Kunduz on Monday, told by a police spokesman to CNN.

As told to CNN by the police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, that a major part of Kunduz had been overrun by the Taliban, including the main roundabout in the city, and were battling government forces Monday evening near the provincial police chief`s compound.

According to one of the inmates, they had been hearing the gun shots throughout the day. The Kunduz prison guards had left the compound at 4 pm. All the doors and fences were been broken by the inmates, and they started running towards the main gate.

As said by a spokesman for police, “As soon as we opened the main gate, we saw a group of armed Taliban outside the gate, and they told us that we are free and we could go back to our homes. We all headed towards our homes he said.

According to Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Saddiqi, not less than four civilians had lost their lives and 50 others had been injured in a heavy firing of weapons indiscriminately throughout the city.

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