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At Least 10 People Lost Their Lives In A Syria Car Bomb Attack In Bashar Al Asaad`s Stronghold

According to the state run TV reported, not less than ten people had lost their lives in the bomb blast that had shaken Syria`s north western coastal city of Latakia on Wednesday. Also 40 others had been injured in the attack.

At the same time, in Damascus, two students were put to death and 15 people had been injured when an engineering college was been hit by mortar rounds in the capital, said SANA.

The Syrian State television released a footage showing the aftermath of the blast. It said that the bomb blast took place near a school at the main square, and several people were injured due to the blast. As reported by the official media that two other cars rigged with high explosive had been intercepted by the regime forces, warning that “terrorists were trying to sneak in to Latakia.”

As per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is a London based group, since the war started, the explosion is said to be the biggest car bomb attack in Latakia.

Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the observatory told AFP news agency that this attack is very rare for the Latakia city which is mostly hit by the rockets.

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