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At Least 21 People Lost Their Lives after Killing of Muslim Taxi Driver

According to the reporters, not less than 21 people had lost their lives and around 100 had been wounded in the clashes which took place in the capital of the Central African Republic, as said by a military doctor on Sunday.

As said by the workers at three hospitals who requested not to give their identity, as they are not permitted to speak to the media, not less than 36 people had lost their lives and 80 had been injured on Saturday and Sunday.

As per the reports, the Bangui`s main road was been barricaded with the tree trunks by the groups of young men on early Sunday, and by firing the tear gas, the UN peacekeepers attempted to clear the streets.

Emmanuel Lampart, MSF head of the mission in Central African Republic said, “It`s very sad to see violence of such a scale occur once again, as we have not experienced anything like this since October last year, and all our teams in Bangui were mobilized and have worked intensively to provide care to those who were wounded.”

The two days of clashes was sparked by the murder of a Muslim man.

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