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At Least 30 Civilians Lost Their Lives in Helicopter Attack in Yemen Village

According to the reporters, not less than 30 civilians had lost their lives in the air strikes by helicopters flying from Saudi Arabia in a Yemini village on Sunday. The accounts were dismissed as `totally false` by the Saudi authorities.

The air strikes struck at the village of Bani Zela in Hajjah province which is located 10 km (“6.5 miles) from the Saudi border, in which 25 civilians which included women and children were put to death, as said by the residents and medics.

As the residents and the medical teams were helping to evacuate the casualties, the helicopters came back for a second strike and put to death three medics and two more civilians, said the residents.

Also at least 17 people had been injured in the air strike, but it had not been confirmed whether they were civilians or Huthi fighters.

As per a Saudi official, no role had been played by the coalition in any attack in the area. The official said that the news is completely false and they deny it. The official requested not to be identified as he was not permitted to give any details to the press.

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