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At Least 7 People Lost Their Lives in an Explosion in Nigerian Displacement Camp

According to the reporters, not less than seven people had lost their lives and also twenty others had been injured in a bomb blast that occurred at a camp for the people who were displaced by the Boko Haram violence in north east Nigeria, as said by the country`s main relief agency.

The bomb blast took place at the Malkohi camp in Yola, which is the state capital, on Friday, September 11, 2015.

The numbers of casualties due to the blast had not yet been clear; he added that they dodged the bullet.

The bomb blast took place due to an improvised explosive device which was left in one of the tents near the camp`s central store, as said by the Police Commissioner Gabriel Adaji.

The responsibility for the bomb blast had not been claimed by any of the group, but it shows the hallmark of Islamic extremists group Boko Haram. Since 2009, an estimate of 20,000 people had been reported dead due to the uprising caused by the insurgents of Boko Haram.

Not less than 1,000 people had been put to death since President Buhari was elected in March.

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