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At Least 80 Islamic State Militants Lost Their Lives As Afghan Fight against Militants Intensifies

According to the reporters, three police officers and not less than 85 Islamic State militants had lost their lives in the clashes in Afghanistan`s eastern province of Nangarhar.

As per a local official said, that hundreds of armed militants loyal to the so called Islamic State who is commonly known as Daesh raided the checkpoints of the police security in Afghanistan`s eastern Nangarhar province on Sunday.

They attacked at 6am local time in Achin district, bordering Pakistan as said by district governor Hajji Mohammad Ghalib to the reporters.

Ghalib added that two checkpoints had been overrun by the militants, but it was later recaptured by the police after the firefight which had lasted for a while.

During the clash, four police officers were wounded, he added, many extremists were also put to death and injured at the time of fire fight.

According to the statement given by the National Directorate of Security, all the terrorists who had been put to death were the citizens of Pakistan and were under the command of Hafiz Saeed, who also lost his life in the attack.

It had been warned by the United Nations of increasing IS presence in Afghanistan.

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