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Chemical Weapons Being Used and Manufactured By ISIS in Iraq and Syria, US Official Claims

According to the officials, it is being said that chemical weapons are being manufactured and being used by the Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

As per the reports, four instances had been identified by the US government where the mustard gas had been used by the Islamic State militants.

In the video which had been released by the Kurdish news agency, shows fighters injured by poison gas attacks which were launched by Islamic State.

Dreadful blisters and burns on their limbs and back are suspected to have been caused due to the use of chemical weapons.

Currently, samples are being analyzed by the investigators.

In the attack on the Turkey Syria outskirts, a powder form of mustard gas is said to have been used.

As reported by BBC, the whole Islamic State cell is engaged in creating the chemical weapons.

As said by an official, “We assess that they have an active chemical weapons little research cell that they are working on to try and get better at it.”

At the time of group rampage which held last year, the stock piles found in Syria and Iraq might be used by the Islamic State, as said by the Intelligence analysts.

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