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Residents Reported 27 People Lost Their Lives in Yemen Strike, Coalition Denies

According to the local residents and local officials, not less than 27 people had lost their lives in an airstrike on a wedding party in south west Yemen, but the Saudi led coalition that had air supremacy had strongly denied any role.

Since March, the Iranian allied Houthi group across Yemen had been attacked by the coalition of Arab states.

The coalition of Arab states are trying to dislodge from the areas it had overrun

As per the residents, two missiles tore through tents used by a man affiliated with the Houthi group for the reception of his wedding in the village of al wahijah, which is situated near the Red Sea port city of Al Mokha.

According to the residents, at least 12 women, eight children and seven men had lost their lives in the attack. The death toll had been put to 30, by the local official. Many other people had been taken to the hospital.

As told to Reuters by Coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al Asseri, “The coalition knows its responsibility and will always acknowledge a mistake if we make it, take into consideration the chaotic situation in Yemen, along with several armed elements and force active around the country.”

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