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Responsibility for Gunning down Italian in Bangladesh Claimed by ISIL

According to an intelligence group that monitors jihadist threats, the responsibility for gunning down an Italian aid worker in the diplomatic quarter of Bangladesh`s capital had been claimed by the Islamic State group. As per the government, it had no evidence to back up that claim.

The claimed by the Sunni extremist group could not be independently verified, but if it is confirmed it would be its first attack in Bangladesh which is a secular country with a predominantly Muslim population.

As told by the Home Minister Asaduzzamn Khan to the reporters Tuesday afternoon in the capital that, no evidence had been found by the authorities that the Islamic State was involved in the killings.

Most of the school and clubs had been closed in Dhaka on Tuesday and the security had been tightened by the security, as they stopped motorists and checking papers in the areas frequented by expatriates.

Cesare Travella, 50 year old aid worker, arrived in Bangladesh in May to run a food security project for the Dutch development group ICCO backed by Christian churches, had not less than 20 year experience in rural development, mostly in Asia.

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