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The Responsibility for Bombing Yemini Mosque Claimed By ISIS

According to the reporters, not less than 28 people had lost their lives in two suicide bombings at a mosque in the Yemini capital of Sanaa, as said by the Houthi controlled state run Saba news agency on Wednesday.

The responsibility for the attacks on social media had been claimed by the Islamic State.

Also several people had been wounded in these attacks, as per Yemini Defense Ministry officials.

The first attack took place in Al Moayyad Mosque, a pro Houthi neighborhood in the northern Sanaa, whereas, the second attack took place at the time when the civilians were helping the victims of the first attack, as said by the Ministry officials.

 Since the last two months in Sanaa, this attack is said to be the fifth attack on Mosque. All these attacks have targeted the pro Houthi mosques.

As per the reports, the man who was identified as Qusai al Sanaani blew himself up after the sunset prayers inside the Al Muayad mosque which is located in the northern Jarraf district, which is home to many senior figures from the Shiite Huthi rebels that control Sanaa.

In a statement on Twitter, “The attack was to avenge Muslims against the Rafidah (Shiites).”

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