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Yemen Rebel Encampment Been Destructed By Saudi Coalition Air Strikes

According to the witnesses and officials from both sides of the conflict, a key rebel encampment had been destructed by the air strikes from the Saudi led coalition on Sunday in Yemen`s capital. Also many restaurants, school and embassies were been hit by the air strikes.

Due to strikes, not less than seventeen people had been injured, including school children who were attending their final exams, as per the medics officials said. As said by the witnesses and security officials, also Saudi and Emirati embassies were been destroyed in this attack.

Early Sunday morning, headquarters of the Special Security Forces were been struck, where the troops remain loyal to Saleh. Also in the mountains of Noqum and Ayban, east and west of Sanaa, weapons caches were targeted by the warplanes.

At the same time, in the port city of Aden, dozens of families of those injured in the fighting besieged the city`s only working oil refinery, effectively shutting down the production, pro-government security, as said by the officials. According to the families, they will only end up with the siege, when the injured would be sent out for the treatment out of Yemen.

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