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7 People Lost Their Lives, Dozens Wounded As Seventeen Sites In Guangxi`s Liucheng Hit With Deadly Mail Bombs

According to the reporters, not less than seven people had lost their lives and dozens others had been injured when the parcels in which the bomb was hidden were delivered to different locations across the county in Guangxi province exploded yesterday, ahead of the seven day National Day holiday.

The explosions took place at a shopping mall, a county government office, supermarket, a hospital and about a dozen other locations in the southern Chinese county of Liucheng on Wednesday, as reported by the media.

As reported by the official Xinhua News Agency, not less than 17 explosions had been set off in Liucheng which is situated in the southern Guangxi region. Many public buildings had been targeted which includes a hospital, food-market and bus station.

Also a number of government buildings, which includes a jail and the worker`s dormitory had also been targeted.

As reported by a local newspaper, a 33 year old man had been arrested, surnamed Wei, in connection with the blasts. The motives behind the attacks were unclear.

On the other hand, also two people had been missing in these explosions.

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