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At Least 17 People Lost Their Lives in Suicide Bombings in Damaturu City in North Eastern Nigeria

According to the reporters, not less than 17 people had lost their lives in three suicide bomb attacks that took place on Wednesday including a mosque in the north eastern Nigerian town of Damaturu, as said by the officials and witnesses.

On the other hand, a rural military camp was been attacked by the Boko Haram insurgents in north eastern Yobe state overnight, but were repulsed by troops who put to death at least 100 of the extremists, said the military. Seven troops lost their lives in the battle and nine others were wounded in the village of Goniri, as per an army spokesman Col. Sani Usman.

Few hours later, around 6 am, at the time of early morning prayers when the mosques are full with the faithful, performing prayers, two women suicide bombers struck in Damaturu Yobe state`s commercial center.

One of the suicide bombers entered into the mosque and detonated the explosives. The other suicide bomber was seen roaming around the compound and when she was interrogated, she too detonated the explosives.

As per a police Assistant Superintendent Toyin Gbagedesin, the third attack was attempted by the two male suicide bombers on a settlement of Fulani herders that he said put to death 10 people.

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