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Death Toll Rises to 102 in Ankara Attack

According to the Turkish prosecutors said yesterday, that behind the two suicide bombings earlier this month was a local cell of the Islamic State group, which had taken order from the extremists in Syria.

In the bombings, at peace rally in Ankara, not less than 102 people had lost their lives.

As per the Ankara Chief Prosecutor`s office, it said that it had the strong evidence that shows that behind the four previous attacks in Turkey since May, IS cell based in Gaziantep near the Syrian border, was also responsible. They have mainly targeted supporters of a pro- Kurdish party.

The government claims had been denied by the announcement that the attacks in Ankara against Turkish and Kurdish activists gathered to promote peace between the Kurdish rebels and Turkey`s security forces had been carried out by a cocktail of terror groups, which also includes the IS and the Kurdistan Workers` Party, or PKK.

As reported, Islamic State in Syria had given permission to the local cell to carry out the attacks against Kurdish rebels and other groups in Turkey.

Earlier, one of the suicide bombers had been identified by the prosecutors as an IS militant whose brother had blown himself up in a similar attack near Turkey`s border with Syria in July.

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