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German Rapper Who Joined ISIS Lost His Life in US Air Strike in Syria

According to the reporters, a German hip hop artist had lost his life in US air strike in Syria.

Denis Cuspert, 39 year old, who was once a moderately successful Berlin rapper, left his home country in 2012 and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) and rap in the name of Jihad.

As told by the official to CNN, on October 16, Denis Cuspert, was in his car near the Raqqah, when the US air strike struck as he was travelling in Syria earlier this month.

Denis, the ISIS recruit was also known as Abu Talha al Almani. He converted to Islam and travelled to fight jihad in Syria.

According to the message which had been posted on the Facebook page of a Raqqa resident on October 17, Denis had lost his life in a pick-up truck the day before by the missiles which had been launched by the two coalition planes near a gas station in Hunaida on the road between Raqqa and al Tabqa.

It was been said that, two days later, Denis would have turned up to 40.

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