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Not Less Than 12 Hospitals Been Hit By the Air Strikes in Syria in Past Weeks

According to the reporters, not less than 12 hospitals had been hit by the air strikes in northern Syria in recent weeks. In these attacks, not less than 35 patients and medical staffs had lost their lives in a new escalation of fighting, as said by the international medical charity Medecins Sans Frontiers on Monday.

Due to the violence, the displacement of thousands of civilians had also been caused, since the end of September, as said by the MSF, reporting a significant increase strikes on Medical facilities.

It had not yet been specified by the charity, which country had launched the strikes on Medical f facility.

As said by the Head of MSF for Syria , Sylvain Groulx, “After not less than four years of war, I remain flabbergasted at how international humanitarian law can be so easily flouted by all the parties to this conflict. “

As a result of bombings, six hospitals, including three MSF hospitals had been forced to close. Four ambulances had also been destroyed.

As reported, one of the hospitals was opened, but access to emergency, maternity, pediatric and primary health care services remains disrupted.

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