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Rocket Attack at Aden Hotel Housing Yemini Officials Put To Death 18

According to the United Arab Emirates` official news agency, not less than 18 Saudi led and Yemini troops had been put to death in the attacks, which struck many government targets in the southern city of Aden.

As reported, none of the government ministers and prime minister were been hurt in the attack. They all were safe. An emergency meeting will be imminently held by the Cabinet.

The explosion which had rocked the hotel, the coalition`s headquarters and a camp, had been claimed by the Yemini officials. It had been caused by the rockets launched from outside Aden.

It said, “In at least four of the air strikes investigated … homes attacked were struck a couple of times, suggesting that they had been the intended targets despite no evidence they were being used for military purpose.”

As written by the Prime Minister Khaled al Bahah in his official Facebook page that two rockets were struck in the grounds of the city`s Qasr Hotel, where the members of the government had been staying while the capital Sanaa remains in the hands of the Houthi rebels.

The hotel was set on fire after the attack, as said by the witnesses and the ambulances had also reached the scene.

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