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To Kill 3 Of Its Captives Islamic State Blow Up The Palmyra Columns

According to the reporters, three of the Islamic State captives had been put to death by Islamic State group in Syria`s ancient city of Palmyra by tying them up to Roman era columns at the site. They blew the structures up with the explosives, as said by the activists on Tuesday.

ISIS had come up with more and more heinous methods of execution and had ramped up its cruelty.

As reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the members of the group had tied up three people to the pillars in the ancient section of Palmyra and had put to death by detonating the pillars.

This explosions were said to be the latest method of putting to death by Islamic State militants, who is known for beheadings, immolation and drowning of prisoners.

According to a Palmyra activist, the execution of three captives took place on Monday afternoon at the Palmyra archaeological site which is located few kilometers away from the city.

As per, Al Thaer and the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, all the three were civilians, but their identities had not been provided.

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