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Man Sentenced For 40 Years for Plotting Bomb at Manchester

According to the reporters, a Pakistani man had been sentenced to 40 years in a US jail, for plotting to blow up the Arndale shopping center in Manchester, as a part of an al Qaeda plan to carry out attacks in Europe and the United States.

Abid Nasser 29 year old had been found guilty for planning to launch the terrorist attack in Manchester and an attack on the New York Subway, as said by a New York attorney.

Abid Naseer is from Pakistan and he came to UK in November 2008 on a student visa.

He is said to be the leader of a UK based cell and he had been commissioned and directed by the al Qaeda to attack Manchester.

At the time, Naseer used to live in the Cheetham hill area of Manchester and planned to use a vehicle bomb so as to blow up the shopping center on the busy Easter Bank Holiday weekend in 2009.

As reported, he had planned to explode the bomb outside the Next store, which is not more than 300 feet away from where the IRA struck in 1996, and then used a second device to put to death more shoppers as they ran for their safety in nearby Market Street.

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