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Operation in Syria Put To Death a Person Involved In Beirut Attacks

According to the reporters, a person who had been involved in the logistics of suicide bomb attacks which took place in the southern Beirut earlier this month, had been put to death in an operation in Syria launched by the Syrian army and Lebanon`s Hezbollah, as said by the Hezbollah run al Manar TV and Syrian state media on Thursday.

The person who was responsible for transporting the two Borj al Barajneh suicide bombers had lost his life in the operation, as per al Manar said in a news flash.

According to the Syrian state television, the man was said to be in connection with the Islamic State. He was an Islamic State operative who had coordinated the transport of suicide bombers from the jihadist held Raqqa province in Syria to Lebanon.

The responsibility for the explosions of November 12 which had targeted a crowded residential district in Beirut`s southern suburbs, which are dominated by Hezbollah, had been claimed by the Islamic State. The President Bashar al Asaad had been supported by the Shiite movement in the Syrian civil war.

On Wednesday, at least 26 people belonging to Islamic State had been charged by a Lebanese military court.

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