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Responsibility for Killing 4 Egyptian Police Officers Claimed By ISIS Affiliate

According to the reporters, four security officers had been shot and put to death by the unidentified attackers who launched fire on a police checkpoint from a motorbike on Saturday near Cairo, as said by the Interior Ministry.

As reported, not less than four policemen had lost their lives when the unknown militants on motorbike attacked a police checkpoint in Egypt`s south western Giza city in an assault which had been claimed by the Islamic State terror group.

Police and government buildings had also been targeted by the attacks in the capital, Cairo.

The attacks on Saturday took place on the edges of Cairo near Saqqara, which is home to the 4,600 year old Step Pyramid.

This group is active mostly in North Sinai where an insurgency had been escalating since the military ouster of President Mohamed Mursi in July 2013, after protests against his rule.

A number of operations targeting important facilities and security personnel had been claimed by the group, as bombings and shootings are not as frequent in Cairo.

The responsibility for some of the deadliest attacks, including the downing of a Russian passenger plane last month over Sinai had been claimed by Ansar Beit Al Maqdis, a militant group, which has sworn allegiance to the self-called Islamic State group.

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