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Trip to France Been Cancelled By Iranian President Rouhani

According to the reporters, a trip to France had been cancelled by the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani after the terror attack in which not less than 127 people had lost their lives and at least 200 others had been injured.

Rouhani was been quoted by the state run IRNA news agency as saying on Saturday, that Iran itself has been a victim of the scourge of terrorism and the fight against the terrorism should be continued. The reason behind the cancellation of the trip was not been elaborated, but according to the authorities, the trip would be rescheduled

IRNA also quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaber Ansari saying, “Those terrorist groups that committed the Paris crimes do not believe in ethical principles and they are not loyal to any type of divine religions including Islam.”

The Paris attack had been condemned by Rouhani as an inhumane crime.

As reported, the Iranian President had scheduled to visit Italy, the Vatican and France in a trip in order to boost business and diplomatic ties after years of disable international sanctions due to Iran`s controversial nuclear program.

France used to be one of the world`s powers involved in recent negotiations with the Islamic Republic over its contested nuclear program.

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