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At Least 40 People Lost Their Lives in Syrian Airstrike near Damascus

According to the reporters, a deadly air strike had been carried out by the Syrian air force on the rebel held city of Douma in the suburb of Damascus, in which not less than 45 people had lost their lives. Dozens of civilians had been injured in the attack by pro Assad air force in Douma, as reported by the activists on Sunday.

A building was been hit by the air strike where the large number of civil rights activists and residents of Douma were gathered to discuss the humanitarian crisis in the city, as told to ARA News by local media activist Ali Hassan.

Hassan added that dozens of victims had been pulled by the local rescue teams from the rubble, pointing out that many others could still be trapped under the rubbles of the bombed building.

Not less than 10 children and four women were among the dead.

One of the air strikes hit a school in Douma, in which the principal of school had lost his life, as said by Observatory head, Rami Abdel Rahman.

As said by Hassan, “This is an apparent massacre against innocent people. The international community has done nothing to stop this bloodbath.”

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