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Center Of Ramadi Been Recaptured From Islamic State by Iraqi Forces

According to the reporters, the city of Ramadi had been recaptured by the Iraqi troops from Islamic State, as said by the country`s military.

Iraqi flag was been raised by the troops on the top of the government compound in central Ramadi, as said by the military spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasoul on Monday.

As said in a statement by Col. Steven H. Warren, the United States military spokesman in Baghdad, “The clearance of the government center is a significant accomplishment and is the result of many months of hard work by the Iraqi Army, the Counter terrorism Service, the Iraqi Air Force, local and federal police, and tribal fighters.”

He added that this moment had been the proud moment for Iraq. Under the insurgent group`s control, Ramadi had been one of the most significant cities, along with its self- proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria, the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, and the Iraqi city of Falluja, which sits between Ramadi and the capital Baghdad, which is located nearly 60 miles to the east.

As shown in the Iraqi TV show, soldiers of Iraq celebrating liberation of the city.

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