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Iraqi Forces Build Up Position in Ramadi Ahead Of Final Push against Ramadi

According to the reporters, diehard jihadists from the Islamic state group defending the former government complex had a clash on Saturday with the Iraqi forces in the heart of the city of Ramadi.

As reported, the government forces had been slowed down by snipers, booby traps, roadside bombs and suicide attacks, after a major push on Tuesday, that had break ISIS defenses around the city center.

Counter terrorism service and the army of Iraq had been advanced steadily through the devastated capital of Anbar province, while the initial hopes of a quick victory have faded.

One of the most important victories achieved by the Iraq`s armed forcesĀ  since Islamic State wept across a third of the country in 2014, is the recapturing of Ramadi, which had fell to the militants in May.

According to a police captain, Ahmed al Dulaimi, in the latest fighting not less than two members of the Iraqi security forces had lost their lives and nine of them had been injured.

At least three of them had been put to death on Friday, as said by several senior officers and local officials.

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