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Main Government Compound in Ramadi Been Seized By Iraqi Forces

According to the reporters, the main government compound in Ramadi had been seized by the Iraqi forces on Sunday, as a symbolic win in a key city that had been under the control of Islamic State for seven months.

Engineering personnel are still in work to clear the explosive devices in the area, but the complex had been entirely under the control of the Iraqi forces, as said by the military commanders.

As reported, Ramadi , the capital of the Anbar province, was been captured by the Islamic State militants in May after about a week of battle with government forces.

According to some of the Iraqi commanders, they are expecting the city to be back under their control by the end of the years.

As said by Brig. General Hamid al Fatlawi, commander of the Iraqi army`s 8th division, at present, the forces are there inside the compound right now and the Islamic State had ran away to the east.

Since Iraqi forces had carried out their final push for the city, about three or four soldiers had been put to death every day, largely by snipers and suicide bombers.

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