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Top Syrian Rebel Leader Lost His Life in Air Strike in Damascus Suburb, Say Sources

According to the reporters, the head of the most powerful Syrian extremist group in the rebel held suburbs of Damascus had been put to death on Friday in a Russian air strike on the secret headquarters of his group, as said by the rebel sources.

The killing of Zahran Alloush, whose Jaysh al Islam grouping had thousands of fighters had been confirmed by the Syrian army. It is the biggest rebel faction in the area.

Since Russia had carried out its air campaign on September 30 in support of President Bashar Assad, many rebel group leaders had lost their lives and had been put to death. The troops of President had suffered a series of setbacks in a civil war now nearing the end of its fifth year. There were no immediate comments given by the Russian defense or foreign ministries.

As said by the leadership of Jaish al Islam, “Forces of Jaish al Islam have infiltrated in to security headquarters of pro Assad troops in Joubar neighborhood in Damascus and detonated a large amount of explosives.”

The lives of many leading members had been claimed in a raid. The death also includes the Deputy of Alloush.

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