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7 Suspected Islamic State Members Been Detained By Malaysia for Plotting Attacks

According to the reporters, seven suspected members of Islamic State terrorist group had been detained by the Malaysian police for planning terrorist attacks in the country, as said by the police chief Khalid Abu Bakar on Sunday.

The arrest took place just over a week after officials detained a suspect whom they said had been planning a suicide attack here.

According to Bakar said in a statement that as per the information obtained from the operations earlier this month, all the seven suspects, all Malaysian nationals ranging from 26 to 50 years of age had been arrested.

One of those who had been detained had been in communication with Indonesian extremist BahrunNaim, as said in a statement.

In the wake of the Jakarta attack, which had been claimed by the Islamic State group, the security forces had been put on high alert in mainly Muslim Malaysia.

Few details had been revealed by the police about the new detainees. They come from different parts of Malaysia. Among them one was a vendor of traditional Malaysian deserts, another worked as a lab technician while one installed GPS units.

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