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After Deadly Attack Kenyan Troops Pull Out Of Somali Towns

According to the reporters, as said by the residents that Kenyan forces had been pulled out of the two towns in southern Somalia on Tuesday and Islamic State insurgents quickly moved in to one of them.

The withdrawal of Kenyans` came after an attack by the Islamic State extremists who had claimed to have been put to death several Kenyans peacekeepers recently, said the residents on Tuesday.

El Ade town where the 15th January attack took place is said to be `no man land now` after the Kenyan troops started withdrawing early Tuesday and moving forward towards the Kenyan border, as said by Ahmed Hassan, a resident. He added that as soon as the Kenyans left, many residents started going back to their homes.

According to the residents of another town in Somalia`s Lower Jubba region, Badhadhe, told The Associated Press that Kenyan forces who had stayed there had also withdrawn and headed towards border.

According to the resident, Mohammad Ali, the militants from the Islamic State militant group al Shabaab had took over and started searching the houses, following the Kenyans` withdrawal from Badhadhe.

As reported, officials of Kenya had not yet said that how many troops had been put to death in the attack on Kenyan forces in El Ade.

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