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At Least 26 People Lost Their Lives and 45 Injured In Suicide Bombings in North Western Pakistan

According to the reporters, not less than 26 people had lost their lives when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a government office in a north western Pakistani city on Tuesday. Also at least 45 people had been injured in this attack.

The responsibility for the deadliest attack had been immediately claimed by the Taliban group.

The suicide bombings took place in the Mardan city, outside the regional office of the National Database and Registration Authority, or NADRA, which issues identity cards, as said by the senior police officer Saeed Khan Wazir.

According to Wazir, he told the Associated Press that some of the wounded people were in very critical condition at a hospital located in the nearby city of Peshawar.

The suicide bomber did not managed to enter the government office, if he did manage, many more people would have lost their lives, as said by Mr. Wazir.

As said by bomb disposal squad, to carry out the attack, 8 kilograms of explosives had been used by the attackers.

The incident site had been cordoned off by the security officers.

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